Beyond eCommerce:  Use gStore to Build Retail Customer Loyalty

gStore is an easily onboarded and customizable app that creates seamless, personalized retail store experiences. Use gStore to integrate smart fitting rooms, real-time inventory insights, and workforce management, to improve your omnichannel customer interactions.

  • Improved execution, communication, retention, and self-service access across the retail store

  • Better visibility into inventory and in-store fulfillment options, to help overcome supply chain challenges

  • Consumer insights that help store management teams to better understand buying habits and focus on what the shopper wants and needs

Make in-store inventory visible to shoppers and staff


Produce real-time views of in-store inventory.

Make sure shoppers find what they want quickly. Immediate item availability is a top characteristic of exceptional in-store experiences.


Guide staff to replenish items at the right time.

Avoid out-of-stock disappointments by moving items from back-of-store to available-to-sell based on real-time demand.


Balance your inventory among stores.

Knowing the pace of item sales across stores helps you move inventory to where your buyers are, plus avoid out-of-stocks and markdowns.

Scale-up in-store omnichannel fulfillment options (BOPIS, SFS, returns)

72% of consumers expect online and in-store shopping to be connected and 64% want to pick up online orders in stores. gStore provides operational data and workflow guidance to make buy-online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) and ship-from-store (SFS) at scale both smooth and easy.


Drive smarter inventory, layout decisions and staff engagement with AI-enabled store operations

Artificial intelligence connects data from the sales floor, back store and across fulfillment networks to optimize tasks, prioritize workflows, optimize item placements and deepen staff engagement through knowledge that makes performing tasks and delighting shoppers easier.

Create tech-enabled personalized experiences for in-store shoppers

Smart fitting rooms inspire loyalty through uniquely personalized experiences.

71% of consumers would shop at a store more often if it offered AR technology. gStore smart fitting rooms enable shoppers to digitally summon your staff to bring additional items and sizes, see recommended and complementary items, and know exactly which items are available in which stores.

Personalized stylist recommendations increase shopper confidence and purchases.

Based on previous purchase and returns history, current item interest and loyalty program data, gStore serves shoppers with in-stock style recommendations tailored just for them.

Frictionless checkout makes purchasing a pleasure.

Tap-to-pay technology in Smart Fitting Rooms or on the store floor lets shoppers be on their way without waiting for check-out assistance.

Create tech-enabled personalized experiences for in-store shoppers

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