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Bring omnichannel advantages to in-store experiences

From the AI experts at GreyOrange

For more than 10 years, top retailers have improved their fulfillment performance using AI-driven solutions from GreyOrange. gStore applies this AI know-how to in-store experiences for shoppers and staff, plus unites real-time visibility and workflows across stores and other fulfillment nodes.

As consumers increasingly demand seamless omnichannel experiences, gStore eliminates the gaps in visibility and operations between stores and fulfillment centers to serve the demands of both in-store and e-commerce relationships.

gStore enables retailers to:

  • Scale up orders shipped from stores without adding staff or compromising service.
  • Use real-time inventory insights to automate and personalize in-store service.
  • Modernize in-store work practices to decrease shrinkage and costs while increasing worker satisfaction.

Key Features gStore Can Offer Your Stores


Smart Stores 

Frictionless transactions at the point of sale and alternate pickup and shipping methods get products out of the store and into the hands of customers.



Tailored insights and product recommendations make every customer feel like a VIP with a dedicated personal shopper.


Staff Education

Employees who are trained with the gStore platform will be more efficient and help the store produce better margins.

Frequently Asked Questions About gStore

Q: My store already has software to manage fulfillment, inventory, and labor. Why do we need gStore?

A: gStore unites data from your existing separate systems in a convenient, real-time mobile-first application that uses AI-driven insights to guide in-store work and practices.

Q: Does gStore replace a point-of-sale (POS) system?

A: No. gStore operates with your POS to enable in-store shopper and staff experiences beyond POS system capabilities.

Q: What types of retail stores and chains is gStore made for?

A: Retailers with 15 or more stores whose customers benefit from omni advantages such as buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS), buy-online-ship-from-store (SFS) and easy returns. Fashion apparel and accessory chains are a sweet spot but gStore delivers value across other retail sectors.

Q: How long does it take to set up gStore?

A: You can move from “go ahead” to “getting results” in as little as four weeks. Chains with a greater number of stores may take up to a month or two.

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