Discover how gStore makes your  stores more efficient

gStore simplifies today’s retail challenges in an easy-to-use interface and addresses inventory management challenges, manages labor more efficiently, provides customers an on-demand personalized shopping experience, and enables omnichannel fulfillment. Try gStore out now with a demo or contact us for the solution that’s right for you.

Learn how COS Smart Stores innovate store and customer experiences

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Seize These Modern Advantages


Stay In Tune with Inventory

Decisions based on real-time, in-store inventory and shopper attention protect margins and avoid markdowns.


Be Smart About In-Store Shoppers

gStore’s AI-driven decision guidance reveals items customers pick up, try on and buy across locations so you can match product placement with in-store demand.


Make Stores Omni-Advantaged

gStore delivers the omni advantages consumers want by scaling up pickup-from-store and ship-from-store capacity without adding staff. Retailers satisfy shoppers while also saving time and costs.


Engage In-Store Teams

gStore’s workforce tools equip in-store teams to get more done through AI-driven tasks and real-time awareness of shopper needs and inventory status.


Make In-Store Shopping Exceptional

Satisfied shoppers buy more. Whether aided by informed staff or smart fitting rooms that automate finding the right item and fit and speed checkouts through frictionless purchasing, gStore gives you tools to deliver exceptional experiences.

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